A brief introduction to Keno

  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

Keno is a fun, quick and easy game that is offered by lottery clubs and also played on online casinos. The game is played by picking numbers that range from one to eighty. Once all players have made their wagers of ten numbers, the numbers are drawn randomly using a random number generator or a ball machine. Casino’s offering this game set their own pay tables with substantial house edge(4%-35%) compared to other games. Often, players are rewarded if the numbers they have chosen match with the numbers drawn.

You can play Keno with as little as €1 for one bet, as well as play as many games as you wish, provided you do not exceed €20. The more you play, the more are your chances of winning. However, some players choose to gamble on groups of numbers via a way bet, in the same bet. This sometimes becomes too confusing since the player has to choose a combination from this group of numbers, thus making it hard to keep a record of their selections.

Ways of playing Keno

There are three main ways of playing Keno, one of them being by dipping. This is so far the easiest way to play whereby a player directly chooses a dip. Ten numbers get irregularly selected for you, for every line. You are then given the chance to select the number of draws that you wish to be in as well as the number of draws you want to play. Many casinos will allow you to add Keno multiplier up to ten times, to your dips for higher chances of winning.

Additionally, you can also play by selecting the amount you wish to place per line and the numbers you want to play per ticket. You can then proceed to choose your lucky numbers, as well as choose the number of draws and draw times. Finally, you can choose your favourite numbers, save them and play with them. Some casinos and lotteries allow you to buy tickets and save them as favourites or create favourites within their websites without necessarily buying the tickets.


Advantages of Keno game

Just like any other casino or lottery game, Keno has its advantages and disadvantages which may favour or disappoint its players. Keno is a very unique and great game whereby the odds never change regardless of how many times you play. Most online casinos provide their regular customers with video Keno’s a number of times per hour provided they have a good internet connection. More, the show is even showcased a number of times on national television for players to view the daily draw.

One major con of the Keno game is that it does not provide identical numbers in a drawing. Any number drawn is only drawn once. This means that your likeliness of choosing the right numbers are minimal compared to other lottery games. This way, you are likely to hit in games with lower percentages. Moreover, just like any betting game, it is a very addictive game once you get used to it. Once you lack discipline when gambling, you can spend the whole day playing and watching the Keno draw.