We currently have two volunteer positions available.

The first one is during the day on Saturday, October 18. And, the second one is at night on October 18, 2014. The basic responsibilities for both positions are to supply water to runners and update event staff with the runner’s arrival/departure time. Pretty simple.

The 100EC is an ultramarathon where runners run 50 miles (14 hour limit) or 100 miles (30 hour limit) for charity. The benefiting organization is the 100 Mile Club. This 501(c)(3) organization challenges kids to run (or walk) 100 miles in a school year. If you think about it, there are around 180 days in a school year, so this is a do-able goal, even for the little ones. The 100 Mile Club is growing by leaps and bounds. It is now in 700 schools in all 50 states as well as Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Each runner must raise at least $100. So, this is a big fundraiser for this organization!

Beyond its importance, this is a fun event! And the runners are always very appreciative for the help they receive at the check-in stations.

If you are interested in one of the positions, please let me know and I can provide more details.

You can send me an email directly from this page.


Darren Van Soye
Co-Race Director, 100EC

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