2013 Results

The 100 Mile Endurance Challenge volunteer team would like to congratulate ALL participants in EC100 this year.  For the first time we had a female winner, Tracy Thomas, who also set a new women’s course record! Thank you from the bottom of OUR hearts for helping us further the mission of The 100 Mile Club® through your running and fundraising efforts.

We could not do what we do without you.

Place Bib # First Last Gender Age Elapsed Time START 12.5 In 25 In/Out 37.5 In 50 In/Out 62.5 In 75 In/Out 87.5 In FINISH
1 102 Tracy  Thomas F 52 19:19:00 8:30a 10:33a 12:09p/12:12p 2:31p 4:56p/5:09p 7:49p 10:47p/10:48p 1:22a 3:49a
2 135 Buddy  Jones M 41 21:12:00 8:30a 10:37a 12:11p/12:17p 2:46p 5:35p/5:41p 8:10p 11:49p/11:56p 2:55a 5:42a
3 147 Nicole  Matera F 23 21:26:00 8:30a  — 12:40p/12:43p 3:18p 5:44p/5:48p 8:32p 11:55p/12:01a 3:02a 5:56a
4 104 Ed  Ettinghausen M 51 22:19:00 8:30a 10:55a 12:52p/12:55p 3:55p 6:36p/6:42p 9:50p 1:03a/1:09a 3:57a 6:49a
5 140 Joshua  Holmes M 35 22:22:00 8:30a 10:40a 12:22p/12:25p 3:13p 6:01p/6:08p 9:12p 12:37a/12:46a 3:55a 6:52a
6 121 Jerry  Knox M 44 22:32:00 8:30a 10:52a 12:45p/12:50p 3:16p 5:41p/5:47p 8:43p 12:05a/12:14a 3:30a 7:02a
7 143 Andrea  Kooiman F 38 23:01:00 8:30a 10:49a 12:40p/12:43p 3:25p 6:02p/6:11p 9:12p 1:09a/1:13a 4:11a 7:31a
8 133 Eric  Salgado M 25 23:45:00 8:30a 10:45a 12:34p/12:46p 3:38p 6:32p/6:44p 10:00p 1:34a/1:53a 5:33a 8:15a
9 107 Nathan  Longcrier M 41 24:10:00 8:30a 10:49a 1:01p/1:02p 4:17p 7:26p/7:27p 10:44p 2:18a/2:18a 5:38a 8:40a
10 101 Darren  Van Soye M 51 24:21:00 8:30a 11:11a 1:19p/1:20p 4:21p 7:14p/7:17p 10:30p 2:07a/2:10a 5:26a 8:51a
11 131 Joaquin  Candel M 43 26:36:00 8:30a 11:10a 1:12p/1:13p 4:13p 7:24p/7:24p 10:37p 2:29a/2:29a 7:03a 11:06a
T12 141 Juan Carlos Calderon M 29 27:32:00 8:30a 11:05a 1:05p/1:18p 4:20p 7:03p/7:11p 10:03p 2:15a/2:25a 7:10a 12:02p
T12 150 Justin  Sakamoto M 24 27:32:00 8:30a 10:55a 1:20p/1:43p 4:51p 8:31p/8:42p 12:56a 5:19a/5:25a 9:06a 12:02p
14 148 Claude  Panis M 51 27:49:00 8:30a 11:14a 1:26p/1:38p 4:40p 7:59p/8:02p 11:25p 3:11a/3:28a 8:01a 12:19p
15 146 Yolanda  Holder F 55 27:50:00 8:30a 11:36a 2:01p/2:07p 5:26p 8:51p/8:57p 12:40a 4:59a/5:03a 8:42a 12:20p
16 132 Gerry  Ong M 43 27:58:00 8:30a 11:25a 1:39p/1:50p 4:44p 7:34p/7:50p 10:51p 3:23a/3:50a 8:43a 12:28p
17 130 Dan  Sullivan M 32 28:37:00 8:30a 11:26a 1:40p/1:49p 4:58p 8:04p/8:15p 12:17a 4:55a/5:00a 8:50a 1:07p
18 116 Jessica  Hogan F 26 29:15:00 8:30a 11:03a 1:03p/1:15p 4:03p 7:19p/7:27p 10:54p 3:12a/3:45a 8:59a 1:45p
112 Steve  Cooper M 47 8:30a 11:03a 1:28p/1:42p 5:02p 8:37p/9:13p 12:50a 6:10a/6:52a 10:32a DNF
127 Steve  Shapiro M 47 8:30a 10:35a 12:15p/12:23p 2:43p 5:33p/5:39p 8:49p 1:12a/x x DNF
120 Patrick  Sweeney M 34 8:30a 10:25a 11:54a/11:56a 2:33p 5:30p/5:40p 8:45p 1:29a/1:58a x DNF
144 Blake  Anderson M 36 8:30a 10:54a 12:46p/1:12p 4:01p 6:53p/7:23p 10:30p 2:02a/2:54a x DNF
149 Sarah  Stafford F 28 8:30a 10:54a 12:49p/1:12p 4:01p 6:53p/7:23p 10:30p 2:02a/2:54a x DNF
118 Mieko  Morita F 50 8:30a 11:45a 2:05p/2:15p 5:25p 8:39p/8:51p 12:48a 6:15a/6:45a x DNF
111 Tom  Chapman M 58 8:30a 10:56a 1:20p/1:32p 4:57p 8:40p/8:51p 12:49a 6:40a/6:44a x DNF
108 Andy  Noise M 50 8:30a 11:28a 1:56p/1:58p 5:20p 8:37p/8:39p 12:43a x x DNF
117 Michael  Flores M 30 8:30a 10:43a 12:54p/1:15p 4:35p 8:37p/8:51p 1:16a x x DNF
129 Emilio  Larrazabal M 19 8:30a 10:52a 12:52p/1:04p 3:56p 7:28p/9:21p 2:19a x x DNF
145 Steve Hernandez M 46 8:30a 10:48a 1:04p/1:09p 4:37p 8:01p/8:09p x x x DNF
119 Solomon  Shapiro M 52 8:30a 11:44a 2:51p/3:08p 7:10p 10:30p/10:30p x x x DNF
113 Dan  Benintendi M 38 8:30a 11:15a 1:36p/1:39p 4:57p x x x x DNF
134 Nickie  Reichling F 27 8:30a 11:12a 2:08p/2:49p * x x x x DNF
103 Brian  Recore M 38 8:30a 11:02a 2:04p/x x x x x x DNF
109 Yen  Darcy F 57 8:30a 10:55a x x x x x x DNF
124 Dan  Marinsik M 54 8:30a 11:45a x x x x x x DNF

* = made it to 37.5 but time not recorded.

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