2012 Results

The 100 Mile Endurance Challenge volunteer team would like to congratulate ALL participants in EC100 this year.  It was a fast race and a race filled with heart. Thank you from the bottom of OUR hearts for helping us further the mission of The 100 Mile Club® through your running and fundraising efforts.

We will post a more succinct version of The Results within the next few days…

We could not do what we do without you.

Place Elapsed Time Bib Runner Name START 12.5 In 25 In/Out 37.5 In 50 In/Out 62.5 In 75 in /Out 87.5 Finish
1 16:46:00 20 Blake Anderson 8:30a 10:33a 12:00/12:00a n/a 3:59/4:00p 6:05p 8:31/8:32p 10:53p 1:16 AM
2 18:33:00 2 Thomas Podell 8:30a 10:30a 12:03/12:0p 2:17p 4:28/4:30p 6:53p 9:58/9:59p 12:31p 3:03 AM
3 19:03:00 4 Kurt Madden 8:30a 10:33a 12:01/12:01p n/a 4:19/4:24p 6:47p 10:03/10:04p 12:48a 3:33 AM
4 20:41:00 47 Tracy Thomas 8:30a 10:35a 12:14/12:15p 3:01p 5:31/5:36p 8:28p 11:51/11:57p 2:35a 5:11 AM
5 21:44:00 17 Sukgin Alberty 8:30a 10:39a 12:13/12:19p 2:32p 4:55/5:13p 7:48p 10:38/11:43p 3:19a 6:14 AM
6 22:28:00 39 Brian Recore 8:30a 10:29a 12:06/12:08a 2:54p 5:46/5:52p 8:45p 12:30/12:33a 3:49a 6:58 AM
7 23:04:00 22 Warren Basile 8:30a 10:37a 12:16/12:25p 2:50p 5:45/6:07p 9:05p 12:47/1:06a 4:45a 7:34 AM
8 23:08:00 3 Ed Ettinghausen 8:30a 10:54a 12:33/12:34p 2:46p 5:08/5:10p 7:49p 11:46/11:55p 3:50a 7:38 AM
9 23:17:00 24 Jack Cheng 8:30a 10:58a 12:54/1:01p 3:33p 6:08/6:14p 9:10p 12:58/1:05a 4:44a 7:47 AM
10 24:33:00 25 Paul Christensen 8:30a 11:05a 1:02/1:15p 3:49p 6:51/7:23p 10:30p 2:14/2:42a 5:49 9:03 AM
11 25:08:00 41 Michael Roman 8:30a 10:42a 12:11/12:18p 2:19p 4:29/4:40p 7:02p 10:40/11:06p 3:22a 9:38 AM
12 25:13:00 29 Bill Haffey 8:30a 10:47a n/a 2:54p 6:31/6:43p 9:56p 2:02/2:17a 6:21a 9:43 AM
13 25:44:00 42 Raul Romero 8:30a 11:10a 1:19/1:26p 4:18p 7:30/7:48p 10:51p 2:45/2:56a 6:40a 10:14 AM
14 25:53:00 33 Nathan Longcrier 8:30a 10:56a 1:03/1:03p 4:08p 7:23/7:45p 10:55p 3:03/3:28a 7:28a 10:23 AM
15 25:58:00 6 Jacob Herrmann 8:30a 10:57a 12:55/1:01p 3:47a 6:47/6:55p 10:00p 1:38/1:52a 6:01a 10:28 AM
16 Tie 26:27:00 9 Steve Hernandez 8:30a 11:27a 1:44/1:52p 4:57p 8:23/8:37p 12:04a 3:42/3:50a 7:32a 10:57 AM
16 Tie 26:27:00 16 Yolanda Holder 8:30a 11:32a 1:44/1:49p 4:51p 8:09/8:17p 11:33p 3:37/4:00a 7:49a 10:57 AM
18 26:33:00 7 Andy Noise 8:30a 11:23a 1:33/1:36p 4:43p 7:44/7:47p 11:02p 3:07/3:10a 7:28a 11:03 AM
19 27:05:00 35 Linda Mazenko 8:30a 11:03a 1:01/1:06p 3:57p 7:01/7:09p 10:43p 2:54/2:56a 7:28a 11:35 AM
20 Tie 27:36:00 14 Yen Darcy 8:30a 11:24a 1:44/1:53p 4:59p 8:23/8:38p 12:04a 4:00/4:16a 8:29a 12:06 PM
20 Tie 27:36:00 18 Charlie Alewine 8:30a 11:27a 1:44/1:52p 4:57p 8:23/8:37p 12:04a 3:54/4:16a 8:29a 12:06 PM
22 27:41:00 12 Tom Chapman 8:30a 11:08a 1:18/1:23p 4:15p 7:40/7:58p 11:33p 3:49/4:00a 8:20a 12:11 PM
23 29:08:00 26 Steven Cooper 8:30a 10:55a 1:38/1:46p 5:06p 9:39/9:40p 2:06a 6:27/6:39a 10:19a 1:38 PM
24 29:10:00 8 Dan Benintendi 8:30a 10:57a 12:44/12:57p 3:54p 6:51/7:20p 10:46p 2:52/3:28a 8:08p 1:40 PM
25 29:41:00 40 Dale Roberts 8:30a 11:35a 2:00/2:12p 5:47p 9:25/9:46p 1:42a 5:47/5:56a 10:17a 2:11 PM
26* 30:45:00 21 Brent Anderson 8:30a 11:41a 2:03/2:19p 5:30p 9:52/10:11p 2:00a 6:54/7:07a 10:58a FINISHED
x 5 Sally Lachman 8:30a 11:05a 1:05/1:12p 4:28p 7:52/8:00p 11:40p drop x DNF
x 11 JP Sakamoto 8:30a 11:02a 12:50/1:01p 3:31p 7:58/8:28p 9:54p 2:36/3:50a x DNF
x 13 Luis Lima 8:30a 11:27a 1:33/1:41p 4:39p 7:58/8:28p 12:23a x x DNF
x 15 Mieko Morita 8:30a 11:27a 1:48/1:55p 5:38p 9:37/10:05p 2:35a x x DNF
x 19 Adolfo Amador 8:30a 10:55a 12:48/12:51p 3:21p 6:08/6:14p x x x DNF
x 27 Justin Flores 8:30a 11:18 1:35/1:44p 4:24p 7:11/7:33p 10:52p 2:54/3:19a DNF
x 28 Michael Flores 8:30a 11:18a 1:35p/x x x x x x DNF
x 30 Jessica Hogan 8:30a 11:04a 12:58/1:03p 3:40p 6:51/6:57p 10:45p x x DNF
x 31 Dennis Koors 8:30a 10:33a 12:23/12:39p 3:07p 6:20/6:47p 10:17p 3:24/3:38a x DNF
x 32 John Long III 8:30a 10:42a 1:03p/ x x x x x x DNF
x 34 Rudi Lopez 8:30a 11:36a 2:26/2:47p x x x x x DNF
x 36 Colleen McGee 8:30a 11:26a 1:33/1:45p 4:31p 7:57/8:12p 11:40p 4:30/x x DNF
x 38 Giovanni Rayon 8:30a 10:46a 12:41/12:52p 3:36p 6:51/7:19p 11:16p x x DNF
x 43 Justin Sakamoto 8:30a 11:12a 1:29/1:43p 4:55p 8:42/9:11p 2:12a x x DNF
x 44 Shavaugn Salcido 8:30a 11:36a 2:05/2:12p 5:47p 9:47/10:08 2:46 x x DNF
x 45 Solomon Shapiro 8:30a 11:56a 3:23/3:55p 7:34p x x x x DNF
x 46 Patrick Sweeney 8:30a - - - - - - DNS
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