2012 Results

The 100 Mile Endurance Challenge volunteer team would like to congratulate ALL participants in EC100 this year.  It was a fast race and a race filled with heart. Thank you from the bottom of OUR hearts for helping us further the mission of The 100 Mile Club® through your running and fundraising efforts.

We could not do what we do without you.

Place Elapsed Time Bib Runner Name START 12.5 In 25 In/Out 37.5 In 50 In/Out 62.5 In 75 in /Out 87.5 Finish
1 16:46:00 20 Blake Anderson 8:30a 10:33a 12:00/12:00a n/a 3:59/4:00p 6:05p 8:31/8:32p 10:53p 1:16 AM
2 18:33:00 2 Thomas Podell 8:30a 10:30a 12:03/12:0p 2:17p 4:28/4:30p 6:53p 9:58/9:59p 12:31p 3:03 AM
3 19:03:00 4 Kurt Madden 8:30a 10:33a 12:01/12:01p n/a 4:19/4:24p 6:47p 10:03/10:04p 12:48a 3:33 AM
4 20:41:00 47 Tracy Thomas 8:30a 10:35a 12:14/12:15p 3:01p 5:31/5:36p 8:28p 11:51/11:57p 2:35a 5:11 AM
5 21:44:00 17 Sukgin Alberty 8:30a 10:39a 12:13/12:19p 2:32p 4:55/5:13p 7:48p 10:38/11:43p 3:19a 6:14 AM
6 22:28:00 39 Brian Recore 8:30a 10:29a 12:06/12:08a 2:54p 5:46/5:52p 8:45p 12:30/12:33a 3:49a 6:58 AM
7 23:04:00 22 Warren Basile 8:30a 10:37a 12:16/12:25p 2:50p 5:45/6:07p 9:05p 12:47/1:06a 4:45a 7:34 AM
8 23:08:00 3 Ed Ettinghausen 8:30a 10:54a 12:33/12:34p 2:46p 5:08/5:10p 7:49p 11:46/11:55p 3:50a 7:38 AM
9 23:17:00 24 Jack Cheng 8:30a 10:58a 12:54/1:01p 3:33p 6:08/6:14p 9:10p 12:58/1:05a 4:44a 7:47 AM
10 24:33:00 25 Paul Christensen 8:30a 11:05a 1:02/1:15p 3:49p 6:51/7:23p 10:30p 2:14/2:42a 5:49 9:03 AM
11 25:08:00 41 Michael Roman 8:30a 10:42a 12:11/12:18p 2:19p 4:29/4:40p 7:02p 10:40/11:06p 3:22a 9:38 AM
12 25:13:00 29 Bill Haffey 8:30a 10:47a n/a 2:54p 6:31/6:43p 9:56p 2:02/2:17a 6:21a 9:43 AM
13 25:44:00 42 Raul Romero 8:30a 11:10a 1:19/1:26p 4:18p 7:30/7:48p 10:51p 2:45/2:56a 6:40a 10:14 AM
14 25:53:00 33 Nathan Longcrier 8:30a 10:56a 1:03/1:03p 4:08p 7:23/7:45p 10:55p 3:03/3:28a 7:28a 10:23 AM
15 25:58:00 6 Jacob Herrmann 8:30a 10:57a 12:55/1:01p 3:47a 6:47/6:55p 10:00p 1:38/1:52a 6:01a 10:28 AM
16 Tie 26:27:00 9 Steve Hernandez 8:30a 11:27a 1:44/1:52p 4:57p 8:23/8:37p 12:04a 3:42/3:50a 7:32a 10:57 AM
16 Tie 26:27:00 16 Yolanda Holder 8:30a 11:32a 1:44/1:49p 4:51p 8:09/8:17p 11:33p 3:37/4:00a 7:49a 10:57 AM
18 26:33:00 7 Andy Noise 8:30a 11:23a 1:33/1:36p 4:43p 7:44/7:47p 11:02p 3:07/3:10a 7:28a 11:03 AM
19 27:05:00 35 Linda Mazenko 8:30a 11:03a 1:01/1:06p 3:57p 7:01/7:09p 10:43p 2:54/2:56a 7:28a 11:35 AM
20 Tie 27:36:00 14 Yen Darcy 8:30a 11:24a 1:44/1:53p 4:59p 8:23/8:38p 12:04a 4:00/4:16a 8:29a 12:06 PM
20 Tie 27:36:00 18 Charlie Alewine 8:30a 11:27a 1:44/1:52p 4:57p 8:23/8:37p 12:04a 3:54/4:16a 8:29a 12:06 PM
22 27:41:00 12 Tom Chapman 8:30a 11:08a 1:18/1:23p 4:15p 7:40/7:58p 11:33p 3:49/4:00a 8:20a 12:11 PM
23 29:08:00 26 Steven Cooper 8:30a 10:55a 1:38/1:46p 5:06p 9:39/9:40p 2:06a 6:27/6:39a 10:19a 1:38 PM
24 29:10:00 8 Dan Benintendi 8:30a 10:57a 12:44/12:57p 3:54p 6:51/7:20p 10:46p 2:52/3:28a 8:08p 1:40 PM
25 29:41:00 40 Dale Roberts 8:30a 11:35a 2:00/2:12p 5:47p 9:25/9:46p 1:42a 5:47/5:56a 10:17a 2:11 PM
* 30:45:00 21 Brent Anderson 8:30a 11:41a 2:03/2:19p 5:30p 9:52/10:11p 2:00a 6:54/7:07a 10:58a FINISHED
x 5 Sally Lachman 8:30a 11:05a 1:05/1:12p 4:28p 7:52/8:00p 11:40p drop x DNF
x 11 JP Sakamoto 8:30a 11:02a 12:50/1:01p 3:31p 7:58/8:28p 9:54p 2:36/3:50a x DNF
x 13 Luis Lima 8:30a 11:27a 1:33/1:41p 4:39p 7:58/8:28p 12:23a x x DNF
x 15 Mieko Morita 8:30a 11:27a 1:48/1:55p 5:38p 9:37/10:05p 2:35a x x DNF
x 19 Adolfo Amador 8:30a 10:55a 12:48/12:51p 3:21p 6:08/6:14p x x x DNF
x 27 Justin Flores 8:30a 11:18 1:35/1:44p 4:24p 7:11/7:33p 10:52p 2:54/3:19a DNF
x 28 Michael Flores 8:30a 11:18a 1:35p/x x x x x x DNF
x 30 Jessica Hogan 8:30a 11:04a 12:58/1:03p 3:40p 6:51/6:57p 10:45p x x DNF
x 31 Dennis Koors 8:30a 10:33a 12:23/12:39p 3:07p 6:20/6:47p 10:17p 3:24/3:38a x DNF
x 32 John Long III 8:30a 10:42a 1:03p/ x x x x x x DNF
x 34 Rudi Lopez 8:30a 11:36a 2:26/2:47p x x x x x DNF
x 36 Colleen McGee 8:30a 11:26a 1:33/1:45p 4:31p 7:57/8:12p 11:40p 4:30/x x DNF
x 38 Giovanni Rayon 8:30a 10:46a 12:41/12:52p 3:36p 6:51/7:19p 11:16p x x DNF
x 43 Justin Sakamoto 8:30a 11:12a 1:29/1:43p 4:55p 8:42/9:11p 2:12a x x DNF
x 44 Shavaugn Salcido 8:30a 11:36a 2:05/2:12p 5:47p 9:47/10:08 2:46 x x DNF
x 45 Solomon Shapiro 8:30a 11:56a 3:23/3:55p 7:34p x x x x DNF
x 46 Patrick Sweeney 8:30a DNS
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