Interview with Tracy Thomas, Winner of the 2013 EC100!

Tracy getting started.  Already near the front of the pack!

Darren: First of all, congratulations on winning the 100 Mile Club Endurance Challenge with time of 19 hours 19 minutes! You took first place overall this year and now have the women’s course record!!

Tracy: And, it looks like I’ll get to KEEP the record since the course is changing next year! Guess you will have to put an asterisk by it!

Darren: OK. So, there are so many events out there. Why did you select the EC100?

Tracy: First of all, I was shocked when I first saw that there was a “Road 100” as most 100-Milers are off-road due to the complexities of closing roads, etc., and this intrigued me! I wondered what it would be like to run through the streets at night AND, ever since I was a toddler, I always LOVED to see all the ‘big city lights’ at night, so the thought of seeing them as I ran this race was right up my alley….

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Registration for 100EC Ultramarathon in SoCal (October) Now Open!!!


Held in October, the registration for the classic 100 Mile urban ultramarathon in SoCal (Southern California) is now Open! We have two exciting options for runners: EC100 – a 100-mile, crew supported race from Norco, CA to the Santa Monica

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Introducing the EC50 – the Little Brother of the EC100!

Route of the EC50

We have some exciting news that we want to share about the 100EC.  Many of them have resulted in feedback we have received from you via the survey.  Please take a few minutes to review the changes. We have added a

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2013 100EC Photos are Now Available!


David Schulman Photography has taken some beautiful photographs from the entire 30-hour event.

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