Legal Matters

Legal Matters

All racers must follow and complete the entire application and entry process, filling out all forms and paying all necessary entry fees and meet the minimum fundraising goal ($100).

All racers and all crew members must sign the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability / Release of Name and Likeness.

CHECK-IN AND PRE-RACE MEETING: All racers and the a designated Crew Chief for each entrant must attend Racer Check-In. Additionally, all racers, their designated Crew Chiefs and no more than  1-2 crew members per racer must attend their assigned Pre-Race Meeting.

Those racers who do not complete the scheduled check-in and attend one of the two designated meetings will not be allowed to participate. No exceptions.

REFLECTIVE VESTS/LIGHTS: During Racer Check-In, all entrants must display a minimum of satisfactory reflective vests and blinking lights – which will be worn and utilized by the runner and crew during nighttime periods of the race. Runners without satisfactory quality, or quantity, nighttime safety equipment will be stopped and required to purchase additional gear at that time, IF any such gear is available, or obtain required safety gear prior to continuing the event.

AGE: All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years in age when submitting an application to race.

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Capped at 65 runners.

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