Leaving Course/Withdrawing

Leaving the Course or Withdrawing

Every inch of the course must be traveled by each racer. In the event of a routing error, e.g., wrong turn, the racer may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or miles run in the wrong direction. (Don’t cheat…that would just be weird and wrong. This event is for a charity and you are representing children who are also running 100 miles. They don’t cheat,  and neither should you. :)

LEAVING COURSE: If a racer needs to leave the course, his/her crew must note the exact location where runner left the course. The racer must then resume the race from the same place that he/she left it. Racers may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention. Focus must be kept on the speedy completion of the course.

WITHDRAWL: If a racer withdraws, he/she or his/her crew must contact one of the following persons:

  • Communications Director:  Tapatha Cooksey  714-742-6229
  • Directional Captain/Sweep Team:  Annelise Vanschoelandt     714-299-3147

Name, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal, and miles completed must be stated.

All racers and crew who drop are encouraged – and expected – to come to the finish line and both post-race events to greet and celebrate with their fellow racers and crews.

EVACUATION: All Emergency Evacuation costs for participants or crews will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency evacuation.

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