Course Resources

There are many course resources for the 100EC.

1. MapMyRun Maps 

These docs and page links break the route into four (4) segments.

  • Segment 1 (27.36 Miles) Map
  • Segment 2 (24.20 Miles) Map
  • Segment 3 (24.53 Miles) Map
  • Segment 4 (25.53 Miles) Map

Note: The actual distance of the EC50 is 51.5 miles. The actual distance of the EC100 is 101.6 miles.

2. Cuesheets
There are 4 of them; these files provide screenshots of the entire course by segment with turn by turn narration written by a fellow ULTRAteam member, Sally L.





3. Crewing Tips
This file provides an outline of the information that you can pass to your crew team. It contains the the physical address for each station, substation and meet me location as well as other important information.


Note: Some of these files are very large. So, please be very patient as they download. Send an email if you have questions

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